Student Life at ANCS

Raising Up Globally-Minded Leaders and Learners

ANCS Students

At ANCS, we are proud to host a culturally diverse student body. Our students and their families hail from 15 different countries from around the world! Our families speak a total of 7 different languages and dialects at home. Some of our families speak Spanish at home, and in our Spanish immersion program, those students receive advanced instruction according to their individual level.

We are proud to serve The Woodlands and surrounding areas of North Houston, an area with high demand for excellent quality private school education. Our families come from many parts of North Houston: The Woodlands, Magnolia, Oak Ridge North, Spring, and Tomball.

Following our school philosophy of generating cultural awareness in our students, we incorporate our families' traditions throughout the year by celebrating international holidays of importance; and we also discuss, inquire about, and research aspects of different cultures in contexts such as Social Studies, Language Arts, and Spanish.

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“I like being a student at ANCS because people care about me and love me."

—  Jasmin, age 7

Electives, Enrichment, and Extracurricular Activities



From Curiostiy to Creation

Our elective classes, collectively dubbed "From Curiosity to Creation" (C2C), meet once a week. Students are given the opportunity to pursue individual interests, explore new ideas, or develop writing or research skills. Selection varies by quarter/semester, but  electives have included options such as Small-Group Guitar Lessons, Yearbook Team, Soccer, Innovators Club, Cooking Club, and Gardening in our community gardens.

These interdisciplinary electives incorporate scientific principles, experiences in planning and executing long-term projects, Spanish, and more. Students learn to think creatively and are challenged to think critically, and they refine intangible skills such as teamwork, while also gaining practical skills such as working with real tools or learning the value of perseverance.



ANCS students in all grade levels participate in our weekly enrichment classes. Children will develop cognitive and emotional skills that are crucial not only for healthy personal relationships, but also are necessary for succeeding academically in college, as well as in their chosen career or entrepreneurial endeavors later in life.


Through arts, children gain fine motor skills, and they learn to express themselves, build narratives, and think creatively. Making art reduces stress, sadness, and anxiety; and it improves connections in the brain. Many extraordinary achievers in sciences and entrepreneurship have emphasized the importance of pursuing creative activities. Our students have art twice weekly, learning to engage in a variety of mediums.


Musical study helps the brain develop: children develop attention span, strengthen their resilience, and improve their language and mathematical abilities, among other gains. At ANCS, students learn music with expert instructors from Play It Right. Middle school students have the option to choose their individual instrument of study.

Physical Education
ANCS students have PE twice weekly. Our instructor, Coach Todd, has coached over 20 teams and brings a wealth of health and fitness experience to class. Students have fun and spend plenty of time outdoors during PE while learning how to make fitness a regular lifestyle habit, as well as how to make choices to work together as a team, care for one another, and build community.

Extracurricular and Leadership Activities


Student Council 

Student Council is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate leadership. The Student Council is comprised of four positions, which are elected in September and serve for the duration of the academic year. Positions available to older students (starting in 5th grade) are President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Students in 3rd-4th grade may run for the position of Junior Student Representative. Under the guidance of the Faculty Advisor, currently Mrs. Welty, the Student Council is responsible for events planning, fundraising, and communication between the faculty and the student body.


Starting in 3rd grade, students have the opportunity to participate in our Robotics Teams and attend local and regional competitions. Read about our Robotics program under the guidance of Mr. Michalik in The's coverage. We are so thankful for the sponsors that make our Robotics Program possible! If you would like to give to the school to make the continuation of these and other programs possible, click here to learn more. 

Yearbook Team

Students who love to write may work on the Yearbook Team under the direction of Middle School English Language Arts teacher Mrs. Molinaris. The Yearbook Team makes design decisions, learns photography skills, and works with the Student Council to engage the rest of the student body.