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ANCS High School

High School Open House

Information Session

Rising 9-10th Graders and Families for Fall 2023


Upcoming Dates:

Wed. Mar. 29 @ 9am


Tues. April 4 @ 9am

ANCS High School is accredited by Cognia(TM) and offers a rigorous, flexible, standards-based curriculum that will challenge each young man and woman individually.

All core classes for high school credit at ANCS are taught in person, in small classes, by All Nations faculty who are highly experienced in their area of specialization. 100% of our High School faculty at ANCS have advanced degrees (Master's or PhD) in their fields.

Our flexible schedule on campus at All Nations provides students a combination of structure and guidance. ANCS High School offers both Full Day and Early Release options, as well as a range of options for levels of courses.

See below for further details on our High School Base Tuition and Full Day Options.

Qualifying students will have the option to enroll in Dual Credit Courses online as well as in-person courses at Lone Star College. Elective credits may be fulfilled with a variety of options, depending on the students'  individual interests.

ANCS High School offers Drone & FAA Aviation, along with Robotics


We would love to have you visit our campus and see if ANCS is a good fit for your high schooler! 

Click here to schedule a private tour.

Early Release

High School Base Tuition

Students choosing the Base Tuition option will have early release from campus after lunch three days per week. High School Base Tuition covers core coursework taught on campus by ANCS faculty:

  • Math

  • Science

  • English Language Arts

  • Spanish

  • 1 Elective Course

  • PE

Base tuition does not cover:

  • History 

  • Health

  • Additional Electives

Full Day

Extended Day Option

High School students may choose to stay on campus for the full day (5 days) with our Extended Day Option for an additional fee, to work on additional online coursework in a structured school environment. Please contact us for more information.

See our digital brochure below for additional details (click each page to expand). Please call us or schedule online to book a private tour.

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