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ANCS High School

Accreditation and Academics Overview

ANCS High School is accredited by Cognia™ and offers a rigorous, flexible, standards-based curriculum that will challenge each young man and woman individually.

High School students may enroll in a traditional full school day and pursue their  diploma from ANCS. Full-time students also receive individualized college and career planning with our guidance counselor beginning in 9th grade, as well as a regular Advisory meeting with the Director. Students are advised in their four-year high school plan, career and college planning, summer programs, and overall curriculum trajectory.


Homeschooling families will find a variety of hybrid options: enroll in a core course package, or you may choose individual core or elective courses à la carte.

See our high school courses and tuition options here.

All Nations High School offers Drone & FAA Aviation, along with Robotics

"All Nations gives my daughter all the benefits of school without sacrificing any of the advantages of homeschooling. She has fun with friends, accountability from teachers and diverse, exciting activities. She also gets to enjoy personalized education, a flexible schedule and a home-away-from home. You only have to visit campus to realize it is a breath of fresh air."

Erica P.,

Homeschooling Parent

"All Nations is an inclusive community.  I immediately felt accepted- immediately 'in.'"

Homeschooler Elliana P.

(age 15)

Core classes for high school credit at ANCS are taught in small classes, by All Nations faculty who are highly experienced in their area of specialization. 

100% of ANCS High School faculty are highly credentialed in their field, with most having advanced degrees (Masters/PhD) and experience teaching at the college level and/or leading workshops and professional development sessions for other teachers in the Houston area.

Qualifying eighth grade students also have the opportunity to earn early high school credits.

As we are a globally-minded school with an emphasis on cultural awareness and bilingualism, students at ANCS also study Spanish as part of their core coursework, and are placed into leveled courses to pursue their maximum potential in developing biliteracy. Qualifying students have the opportunity to pursue additional languages through independent study, supervised by ANCS faculty.

Advanced Courses

We are an approved campus through College Board to offer AP coursework, as well as administer the PSAT and SAT directly on our campus. Courses such as AP Computer Science, AP Pre-Calculus and others to follow are available at ANCS.

Dual Credit through Lone Star

ANCS has a partnership with Lone Star College - Montgomery to offer Dual Credit coursework. Qualifying students will have the option to enroll in Dual Credit Courses online as well as in-person courses at Lone Star College. Elective credits may be fulfilled with a variety of options, depending on the students' individual interests. 

Extracurriculars and Electives

All Nations students may fulfill elective requirements for graduation through a variety of programs on campus, with the option to fill additional elective credits off campus if they choose. On-campus elective options include courses such as Speech and Debate, Drones, Robotics, AP Computer Science, Art, and Beginning or Intermediate Band. In addition, HS students have the opportunity to participate in after-school extracurriculars such as Athletics and other activities.

Drones/FAA Aviation, STEM and VEX Robotics (VRC)

At ANCS, in addition to AP courses in STEM areas and other exciting coursework, we offer a two-year Drone Education and Entrepreneurship program through a partnership with Aha! Drone Education and grant funding from Rice University and ConocoPhillips' AMP! Innovators Grant. Successful students in the program become FAA certified pilots through qualifying exams, as well as learning the entrepreneurial skills involved in starting a drone photography/videography business. 


1st annual Houston Area Youth Drone Competition, March 2023: ANCS 9th graders received 1st Place in Large Commercial Drones

High School students at All Nations have the opportunity to try out for our Competitive VEX (VRC) Robotics teams in our award-winning after-school Robotics Program, which is also open to students in the general community. Tryouts last several days and take place each August.

All Nations has sent teams to the VEX Robotics World Championships every spring starting in 2021, through Spring 2024. This is the largest robotics competition in the world, and teams travel from dozens of countries to compete. Your student will be learning from the best in the North Houston area!


Among other resources, we have 3D printers on campus and a wide variety of opportunities for students to develop creative thinking and pursue individualized interests in STEM fields. Our school has received numerous awards and recognition for innovative teaching practices and programming in STEM fields.

Spring 2024: High School VRC team Order 66 confirmed - heading to the 2024 World Championship!

We would love to have you visit our campus and see if ANCS is a good fit for your high school student. Schedule a private tour with our director or call us for more information.

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