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Academics at ANCS 

As an international school, ANCS places great emphasis on critical thinking, cultural awareness and respect for others' ideas and perspectives. Like many American international schools around the globe, we use AERO standards to provide a framework for our curriculum.

Small class sizes at ANCS allow teachers to personalize instruction and build strong relationships with individual students and their familiesWe strive to create an ideal learning environment. At All Nations, our teachers want to inspire each child to become a lifelong learner! We develop a love of learning in our school culture. We strive for excellent literacy and communication skills; fluency in math and science through our integrated STEM program; as well as proficiency in Spanish, with differentiated instruction from total beginners to native speakers through our effective and challenging Dual Immersion program.

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ANCS teachers provide a learner-centered curriculum that engages students in meaningful individual and collaborative activities, encouraging them especially to ask questions and investigate through inquiry-based and project-based assignments.

An ANCS education challenges students to ask compelling questions, think for themselves, take responsibility for their learning, and pursue academic excellence. We foster compassion for the community through service-learning opportunities that make a real difference in the lives of those around us.

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