Meet Our Educators

Our accomplished educators at All Nations Community School are selected based on stringent criteria, including their teaching expertise, Christian faith, and dedication to furthering our Mission and Vision. We are blessed to have highly credentialed, experienced, dedicated experts in their fields. See what parents say about ANCS teachers!

In the classroom, we strive to create a loving and respectful environment, where each student feels valued and safe to express opinions, make mistakes, and learn through growth. All Nations educators are committed to helping each individual child excel and achieve their fullest potential.

Outside of the classroom, every teacher at All Nations Community School is a dedicated learner. Teachers at ANCS regularly engage in continued professional development, as well as cycles of peer observations and feedback. Several have presented papers at professional conferences or published peer-reviewed scholarly work. We model an attitude of lifelong learning: always honing our craft, learning new methods or tools, and getting fresh ideas to keep students engaged.


Faculty Bios

Christina Callaway, M.A.

Director and Co-Founder

Upper Elementary ELA and Spanish

"I want to teach students to value the process over the end result and to see failure as opportunities for growth and reflection. I want them to know that anything worth doing will require perseverance and a determination to accomplish the task at hand. The reward is in their own personal satisfaction and seeing the results of their pursuit of excellence." 

Christina Callaway was born in Manila, Philippines, and moved to Texas as a junior high student. Her experience as a young student at international schools helped her develop an appreciation for other cultures and languages. This eventually led to an adventurous career teaching for a decade in international schools in South America and the Middle East. She has lived in six countries, is fluent in Spanish and speaks conversational Portuguese and Tagalog.

Ms. Callaway has been in education for over 15 years and has taught a variety of subjects and grade levels throughout her career. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Smith College and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from The George Washington University. Ms. Callaway has served as International Baccalaureate Coordinator, Assistant Principal, and Principal in the private school sector.

Ms. Callaway's desire is for every student at ANCS to know how much they are loved and uniquely made by God. Her own uniqueness comes out through her love of exploring new places, bartering in flea markets, singing to oldies, and spending time with her husband and two children.


Stephen Michalik, M.Ed.

Co-Founder and STEM Coordinator

G3-6 Math and Science

"The joy of teaching comes from witnessing my students make connections across various content areas. I enter my classroom each day with the mindset that all students can learn. My goal is to develop students to ask questions and think about mathematics in the world around them. I am thrilled to share my passion for STEM learning and innovation."

Stephen Michalik is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies and Mathematics and has been in education for over 15 years.

Mr. Michalik recently participated in Texas A&M's Texas Regional Math Collaborative which focuses on project-based learning, algebraic thinking and problem-solving. He was also selected to participate in the Texas A&M Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers, a collaborative research project promoting STEM through the use of building automation applications, connected devices (commonly called the Internet of Things) and 3D printing. He has presented at both district and state mathematics conferences on technology and its influence in the math classroom.


Mr. Michalik recently won a STEM grant from Rice University to support our Robotics program through a "Breaking Barriers" series of robotics challenges and competitions in partnership with Journey School, a school for students with special needs and different abilities.

When he is not in the classroom, Mr. Michalik stays active in the community: training for triathlons, coaching swimming, and mentoring prison inmates at the Wallace Pack Unit in Navasota.


Dr. Nicole Puig-Herz, Ph.D.

Language Program Coordinator

G3-8 Spanish

"I believe deeply in the transformative power of mentoring relationships and individualized instruction. My goals in the classroom always include developing students' confidence and preparing them for real-life cultural and linguistic situations they will encounter. At ANCS, I work hard to meet each child's needs and interest in Spanish, and I challenge them to develop their fluency in speaking, literacy, and cultural awareness. I am passionate about expanding students' global worldview!"

Dr. Nicole Puig graduated Magna Cum Laude with Dual Honors Baccalaureate degrees from Virginia Tech in Spanish and International Studies, with minors in French and European Studies. After living in Germany for a year, she earned her Ph.D. from Cornell University in Romance Studies with a concentration in Hispanic Literature and a subspecialty in Catalan Studies.

Dr. Puig has taught ages 4 to adult in a multitude of settings (Bryn Mawr College, Cornell University, community college, individual and group private classes), before shifting to private school. She has nearly two decades of experience teaching language, literature, writing, cultural studies, and film. Dr. Puig speaks eight languages with varying levels of fluency, of which she has taught four: Spanish, Catalan, French, and English. She has published academic articles and translations and has presented in academic conferences.

As a Cuban-American who is also raising multilingual children, Doctora Puig relates viscerally to the opportunities and challenges of raising children bilingually in the U.S. She especially loves encouraging heritage speakers to embrace their other culture and to challenge themselves to achieve new levels of proficiency in Spanish.

In her spare time, Dr. Puig enjoys running, cooking, singing, playing the piano, training her rambunctious dog Bandit, and traveling. She is passionate about women's education and health, has volunteered with Refugee Services of Texas, and has traveled to Peru several times as interpreter for her church. She is also currently serving on the Global Missions Committee at her church.

Dr. Puig believes everyone can and should be exposed to at least two languages and have opportunities to engage with other cultures. The earlier the better, but it is never too late.

Aida Serrato, B.S.

Dual Immersion Spanish Teacher, Grades Pre-K-2

Aida Serrato was born in San Diego, California, but grew up in Baja California, Mexico. She received Bachelor of Science Degree from Houston Baptist University in Elementary Bilingual Education, with an Elementary Certification for EC- 6th and TESOL Certificate. She also has an Associate's Degree in Biblical Studies from Southern California Seminary. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Arts in Ministry with a concentration in Christian counseling at Grace School of Theology. 

Maestra Serrato has a long history of loving to teach and work with children. From AWANA Club’s Leader and teacher, Kids’ Camp Counselor and staff, VBS Teacher and Sunday School Teacher, her love for teaching grew as she was involved in children’s ministry since her youth. As a student at HBU, she was involved in professional organizations such as the Bilingual Education Student Organization (BESO) and the Association of Student Educators. In 2015 she was awarded Student of the Year by the Bilingual Education Student Organization for her service at BESO. She has also worked as a preschool teacher at a private school in The Woodlands, served in mentoring, tutoring, and after school programs in HSID, has taught ESL and Spanish lessons both online and in-person to multicultural students. 

Maestra Serrato also lived in the Dominican Republic as a missionary for two years, working with a Christian organization called The Navigators in student ministry at the University of Santo Domingo.


Maestra Serrato believes in the importance of exposing students to learn a second language at an early age to become not only bilingual but also biliterate, opening a wide range of opportunities for them in the future. She is thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the mission of ANCS by providing the best dual language immersion education for the children in a safe environment where they feel loved and valued. 


In her free time, Maestra Serrato loves to go hiking, travel, play guitar and sing, do art lettering, or just enjoy a good book accompanied by a cup of tea.


Sarah Cossick, B.A.

Dual Immersion English Teacher, Grades PreK-2

"I work to instill a love of learning in my students by building personal relationships that embrace the uniqueness of each child. I am passionately devoted to educating a diverse range of students by establishing a positive and productive learning environment that fosters and promotes the academic potential and social wellbeing of all students, so that they may leave my classroom as life-long learners."

Sarah Cossick was born and raised in the Houston area and moved to Colorado to pursue her university education before returning to her hometown roots. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Colorado Christian University with a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Elementary Education and a specialization in Biblical Studies. Mrs. Cossick is certified to teach Early Childhood to 6th grade in Colorado and Texas and is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International to serve in Christian schools around the world.

Mrs. Cossick has been pursuing a career in education since high school, when she fell in love with the profession by teaching Sunday School classes at her church. She has taught preschoolers through college-aged students in a variety of settings and finds that her passion for teaching only grows over time. She is extremely motivated to provide engaging lessons, hands-on activities, and challenging students to pursue academic excellence.

Outside of school, Mrs. Cossick can be found playing with her dog, Denver; crafting; traveling; and experimenting in the kitchen. She and her husband have hearts for hosting, so she is happiest when her home is full. 


Lilly Molinaris, B.A.

Middle School English Language Arts

"Building a personal relationship with each of my students is integral to my holistic approach. My goal is to develop fluent readers and articulate writers with dazzling communication skills. Coupled with social-emotional development, this strong foundation is the platform to help students develop their personal voice and the confidence to use it in impactful ways."

Lilly Molinaris - affectionately known as "Mrs. M." to her students - is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in English and is Texas certified to teach English, Language Arts, Reading and ESL (English as a Second Language). Mrs. Molinaris served as an Education Manager with the non-profit organization Junior Achievement for four years developing relationships between professionals from many industries and teachers eager to bring real-world expertise and insight into their classrooms. Mrs. Molinaris credits the rewarding Junior Achievement experience to her decision to become an educator, starting her career in Houston ISD in 2004. She has also worked in Alvin ISD and Conroe ISD.

Before coming to ANCS, Mrs. Molinaris was a House Parent at the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, Pennsylvania, serving with her husband and two sons to provide a loving home, day-to-day care and a sense of family to students in residence. MHS is a Judeo-Christian boarding school that aims to break the cycle of poverty through education and mentoring. The Molinaris family was inspired to contribute to the mission by sharing their gift of home and family.


Outside of work, Mrs. M. loves to cook for family and friends and enjoys a lively book club gathering. She also keeps a gratitude journal as a daily reminder that “Every Good and Perfect Gift is from Above.”


Charity Welty, B.B.A.

Math, Science, Social Studies Grades 5-8

“My passion as a teacher stems from a desire to see each child enjoy discovery and learning. I also want my students to know that they are valued and loved, and that their life has great purpose. They can be change makers in their communities.”

Charity Welty was born in Tacoma, Washington. She grew up in a military family, which afforded her the opportunity to grow up in the various regions of the United States, the Philippines and Germany.  She received her B.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Texas, San Antonio. 

Mrs. Welty has over 17 years experience in education, teaching various subjects and grade levels. She is certified in Texas for Grades 4th-8th Generalist in all core subjects, ESL (English as a Second Language Learners), and Gifted and Talented. She has also enjoyed coaching volleyball and basketball.

Mrs. Welty enjoys serving with her husband in their church as youth leaders and as children’s church teachers. Currently, they help with a 6th grade ministry that seeks to mentor young students and equip them with the skills to be leaders and serve in their communities.

Through her various travels around the world, God has given her a passion for all people and a strong calling to serve others by helping and sharing hope. Her passion has brought her to Peru, Mexico, El Salvador, Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan on short-term missionary trips. Mrs. Welty also serves with local ministries that help the communities of Houston and north Houston. God has enabled her to travel and reach children with the love of Jesus. Being able to do many of these activities alongside her husband and two children is just one more huge blessing God has provided as well. 

Claudine Dehaquiz, M.Ed.


"A child's character, beliefs, values and culture should be respected. Their curiosity, strengths and talents should be nurtured. Love, kindness, solidarity, honesty, goodwill and honor should be taught and motivated intrinsically not only at home but in any learning institution and environment. But above all, love is the key to every success as God has given us that example through His son Jesus Christ."

Maestra Dehaquiz was born and raised in New York with parents that immigrated from Colombia, South America. After graduating from Nyack College in Education and History with a minor in Bible, she decided to head off to Colombia to learn about her parents' culture and language. She met her husband, William, in Bogotá, where two years later their daughter Carolina was born. The family later moved to Mexico City, and the following year her son Juan Camilo was born. During her time abroad in Colombia and Mexico, Claudine taught in several bilingual schools. The family later decided it was important for Caro and Juan Camilo to experience school in the USA and the Lord led us to Texas.

Maestra Dehaquiz has taught Bilingual Education in Texas for more than 10 years. After her Masters degree from Lamar University in Education Administration, she became a Bilingual Instructional Specialist at Magnolia ISD. In 2016 she decided to take a sabbatical to pursue her passion in Art. Claudine is a self-taught artist. Her creativity has opened doors to her own art show, art sales, teaching art and curating her first Student Art Show. In her free time, she participates in Bible studies, volunteers at her church’s food pantry, designs graphics, practices Lettering Art and cuddles with her 3 dogs, Romeo, Juliet and Lucy.


Todd Wolfard, B.S.

Physical Education

"Coaching provides me the opportunity to develop youth. Social media, video games, and smart phones have broken down the ability for youth to interact socially. My goal is to meet children where they are and help them develop into well-balanced  young men and women."

Todd Wolfard graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2000 with a B.S. in Environmental Science. He spent 12 years as a HAZMAT/Health and Safety professional before entering the world of coaching and working with youth.


Coach Todd has a broad range of experience in youth development and as a sports and physical education coach. He has coached over 20 basketball teams and facilitated various basketball clinics throughout The Woodlands community. He also teaches the Homeschool PE program for the YMCA of Greater Houston.


Coach Todd is actively involved in The Woodlands community, as well. He and his wife established a mentoring program through their local church, which provides independent living and life skills, coupled with faith-based teachings.


Coach Todd is committed to caring for and developing local youth. His approach is centered on encouraging students to make positive and thoughtful decisions guided by scripture.


Language Arts Consultant

Dr. Joyce A. Carroll, Ed.D., H.L.D.

Literacy Specialist

In her sixty-year career in education, Dr. Joyce Armstrong Carroll has taught every grade level from primary through graduate school. In the past forty years, working in tandem with her husband Edward Wilson, she has trained thousands of teachers, who, in turn, have taught hundreds of thousands of students. A nationally known consultant, she has served as president of TCTE and on NCTE’s Commission on Composition and its Standing Committee Against Censorship. 


Recipient of the Edmund J. Farrell Lifetime Achievement Award in Education and the Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters for her work in Education, Dr. Carroll has written numerous articles and over twenty books—most on teaching and writing, including Acts of Teaching: How to Teach Writing, now going into its third edition. She has also co-authored a national writing and grammar series, as well as AbydosPRO: An Integrated Writing and Grammar Curriculum. Dr. Carroll co-directs Abydos Literacy Learning.

Most recently, Dr. Carroll has authored the Writing Workshop Teacher’s Guide within the comprehensive English and Spanish Language Arts programs HMH Into Reading and HMH ¡Arriba la Lectura!

Parents agree that our faculty at ANCS are outstanding!

"Loving, caring, patient, understanding, and really want to KNOW each kid"

"Professional, passionate, and committed to what they do"

"Very competent, caring, creative faculty"

"Some of the hardest working, overly-qualified teachers who love and care for their students"