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STEM, Robotics, and Drone/Aviation

STEM Approach

ANCS provides a uniquely integrated STEM program in which math and science are not taught in isolation. In our STEM curriculum, your child undertakes inquiry- and project-based learning. Students work through exciting hands-on challenges, generating creative solutions and using innovative thinking to overcome obstacles.


Mathematics, the sciences, technology applications, and engineering design come together in a unique, challenging way that shows students how STEM applies in real life. 

In addition to core coursework in STEM, Elementary and middle school students have Friday electives available for our CTC  ("Curiosity to Creation") classes. High school students have the option to enroll in our Drone and Aviation Education program.


Students in Grades 5 and up at All Nations have a 1:1 Chromebook device. Elementary school students in the lower grades have access to classroom Chromebooks as well as tablets, for specific age-appropriate activities. Starting in 3rd Grade, students learn to type with correct finger positioning.

Since 2019, we have partnered with Texas A&M's DSTR Robot project to develop STEM curriculum, in the first ever private school collaboration of this kind with Texas A&M. Read more in this press coverage.




Our Competitive Robotics Teams, available to students only through selective tryouts, participate in local and international Vex Robotics competitions. Our competitive teams have won dozens of awards, and All Nations has reached the VEX IQ World Championship every spring since 2021.

In 2020-21, we began a collaboration with our neurodiverse friends at Journey School for the Uniquely Gifted and Talented, to create inclusive, competitive robotics teams between Journey students and ANCS students. This partnership program is unique in our area, and exceedingly rare in the entire United States. This program was funded with a large grant (awarded in both 2020 and 2021) from the AMP! Innovators Award, bestowed by Rice University's Office of STEM Engagement and ConocoPhillips. See the press feature about this collaboration. 

Drones & Aviation Education


ANCS was the first North Houston private school to offer Drones & Aviation.

In Spring 2022, ANCS Middle/High School STEM/Drones/Robotics Teacher Mrs. Charity Welty was also awarded an AMP! Innovators Award for bringing Drone and Aviation Education to our campus. This program, likewise funded by Rice/ConocoPhillips, opened up in August 2022 and now offers Drone and Aviation to students starting in 6th grade.

High Schoolers who successfully complete the two-year high school Drone Education Program will earn certification as commercial drone pilots, including training in entrepreneurship. At ANCS, we strive to inspire innovation and entrepreneurship in the future generation. Our Drone & Aviation Education program has a partnership with the Houston-area company Aha! Education LLC, which helps develop drone and entrepreneurship education in local schools.

Middle Schoolers have the option to enroll in Drones & Aviation as an elective course. Students in Drones at all grade levels will have the opportunity to try out for competitions against area schools. 


In Spring 2023, ANCS middle and high school students won First and Second Places in their respective categories at the first youth Drone Competition for about a dozen North Houston High Schools.

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