Integrated STEM Program

ANCS provides a uniquely integrated STEM program in which math and science are not taught in isolation. In our STEM curriculum, your child undertakes inquiry- and project-based learning. Students work through exciting hands-on challenges in class. They are tasked with generating creative solutions to problems and using innovative thinking to overcome obstacles. Mathematics, the sciences, technology applications, and engineering design come together in a unique, challenging way that shows students how STEM applies in real life.

Mr. Stephen Michalik, the STEM Coordinator, oversees the math and science curriculum at ANCS, and also leads our Robotics Teams. Our Robotics Teams are in their second year and have participated in local Vex Robotics competitions. We have scored as design finalists, and our teams have won awards for teamwork and designs.

**Interested in ROBOTICS SUMMER CAMP? Register here.**

Since 2019, we have partnered with Texas A&M's DSTR Robot project to develop STEM curriculum, in the first ever private school collaboration of this kind with Texas A&M. Check out this press feature on our unique STEM program.

Starting in Fall 2020, we began a collaboration with our neurodiverse friends at Journey School for the Uniquely Gifted and Talented, to create inclusive, competitive robotics teams between Journey students and ANCS students. This partnership program is unique in our area, and exceedingly rare in the entire United States. Our program is funded with a large grant (awarded in both 2020 and 2021) from the AMP! Innovators Award, bestowed by Rice University's Office of STEM Engagement and ConocoPhillips. See the recent press feature about this collaboration. 

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