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Dual Immersion Spanish Program

Our rigorous Spanish program is a crucial portion of the curriculum at ANCS. Because global-mindedness is a central value at our school, we strive to instill and deepen cultural awareness in each student. Spanish is taught every day at all grade levels. 

Worldwide, multilingualism is far more common than monolingualism. An estimated 65-75% of the world's population speaks at least two languages, and many millions of people speak three or more. Bilingual education is often begun at an early age, and citizens are expected to be multilingual as a matter of course. Are you wanting your child to be ready with 21st century skills to meet challenges ahead? We suggest starting them on a path to bilingualism!

At ANCS, children in Pre-K through 2nd grade enjoy a full Dual Immersion program. English Language Arts, Math, and PE are taught in English; while Spanish Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Art are taught in Spanish.

Grades 3-4 also benefit from a slightly modified Dual Immersion program: Spanish Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, and Character Education taught in Spanish, with the rest of their coursework in English.

Middle School (grades 5-8) has Spanish Language Arts taught daily as a core subject, with different courses offered for beginners and more advanced speakers. Native and heritage speakers are challenged on their individual levels to grow and reach their full potential based on their previous levels of exposure or schooling.

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Why Choose Bilingual Education?

The many potential cognitive benefits of bilingualism have been thoroughly researched. They include:

  • better executive function

  • enhanced ability to focus amidst distractions

  • protection against cognitive decline (Alzheimer's, dementia) in old age

  • improved social and emotional skills

  • better academic performance

       ...and more!*

These skills are important for facing academic challenges, as well as life outside of a school setting.

At ANCS, our small class sizes allow for a high degree of differentiation within the Spanish classes to accommodate varying levels of Spanish abilities and backgrounds. We are delighted to have a culturally diverse student body, with levels of Spanish ranging from total beginners to native speakers.

Our effective Spanish immersion program challenges students at all ages and levels to maximize their proficiency throughout the course of the school year. Children in younger grades learn through directed and creative play, while older grades build on extant literacy and academic skills to pursue fluency at higher levels.