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Will Schools Open in the Fall?

While we are all hoping for the best regarding schedules and school openings, we need to be realistic in our planning and expectations.

In his April 7 remarks, Dr. Anthony Fauci, top infectious-disease expert for our country, said that school opening on time was not an “absolute prediction” and that we should expect that “it’s going to be different, remember now, because this is not going to disappear.”

You may have seen the recent news that South Korea, heavily praised across the globe for its swift and effective response in containing Covid-19, has had to shut down its schools again now, after only opening for a few short days. It remains to be seen how long they stay closed, or under what conditions they will reopen.

No one knows yet exactly how future waves of Covid-19 will play out in our country or our local region in Texas.

How All Nations Community School Planning for the Fall

At All Nations Community School, we are making carefully considered plans for a school year that will almost certainly look different from normal. First and foremost, our class size will be capped at TEN. This will allow us to continue offering the excellent, highly individualized education we have insisted upon since our founding, even if we must incorporate potential safety measures at any point, such as social distancing or periods of online teaching.

Second, our curriculum and teaching: even if we must conduct a portion of the school year online, or alternate between online and in-person class days, we are committed to offering an individualized and challenging education to each student in our school. At its core, learning is a social endeavor, with students learning not just through the guidance of a teacher, but also from their peers. Prioritizing community building, while designing lessons that actively engage students in the learning process, is the foundation of any successful distance learning program.

At ANCS, our students are “loved, unique and valued,” just like we chant each week in our school cheer together. Whether in person or through distance learning, we are committed to our school’s mission of nurturing the hearts and minds of all our students.

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