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Fine Arts Program

Creative Minds, Innovative Thinkers


ANCS students in all grade levels participate in our weekly enrichment classes. Children will develop cognitive and emotional skills that are crucial not only for healthy personal relationships, but also are necessary for succeeding academically in college, as well as in their chosen career or entrepreneurial endeavors later in life.

Music Program

Musical study helps the brain develop: children develop attention span, strengthen their resilience, and improve their language and mathematical abilities, among other gains. At ANCS, primary and middle school students learn music during the school day with Mrs. Hallford.

After-School Band

Our after-school band program on campus, hosted by Instruments of Praise, offers students starting in 3rd grade to pursue long-term instrument studies for participation in band/orchestra.


Art Class

Through arts, children gain fine motor skills, and they learn to express themselves, build narratives, and think creatively. Making art reduces stress, sadness, and anxiety; and it improves connections in the brain. Many extraordinary achievers in sciences and entrepreneurship have emphasized the importance of pursuing these types of creative activities. All primary students at ANCS have art twice weekly, learning to engage in a variety of mediums. Middle school students have Art or Digital Art offered as a semester elective.

CTC Arts Electives

On Fridays, our CTC ("Curiosity to Creation") elective classes regularly offer artistic options to our students who wish to embark on an extra dose of creative creation. Offerings have included Upcycling and "Creative Club," in which students create functional, educational, or simply fun or beautiful art.

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