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ANCS students in all grade levels participate in our weekly enrichment classes. Research in recent years has reinforced the importance of pursuing regular creative endeavors. Through such activities, children develop cognitive and emotional skills that are crucial not only for healthy personal relationships with those around them, but also are necessary for succeeding academically in college, as well as in their chosen career or entrepreneurial endeavors later in life.


Studies on predictors of academic success have emphasized factors like ability to focus,


Businesses today want to hire college grads with critical thinking skills, writing skills, ability to work on a team, and more.


Our enrichment program at All Nations Community School pays close attention to these needs, which are fundamentally about educating the whole child to eventually become a well-rounded, resilient and innovative adult.*


Through arts, children gain fine motor skills, and they learn to express themselves, build narratives, and think creatively. Making art reduces stress, sadness, and anxiety; and it improves connections in the brain. Our students have art twice weekly, learning to engage a variety of mediums.


Musical study helps the brain develop: children develop attention span, strengthen their resilience, and improve their language and mathematical abilities, among other gains. At ANCS, music class is held once a week with expert instructors from Play It Right. Children in the younger grades learn to play ukulele, and older children choose between several options to focus on pursuing one instrument for the school year.

"From Creativity to Creation"

This class meets once a week with a local Master Gardener, who works with students individually and collectively to beautify our school space with our public Community Garden, among other projects. This interdisciplinary time incorporates scientific principles, life skills for planning and executing long-term projects, Spanish, and more. Students learn to think creatively and are challenged to think critically, and they refine intangible skills such as teamwork, while also gaining practical skills such as working with real tools and learning the value of hard work individually and together.

Physical Education
ANCS students have PE twice weekly. Our instructor has coached over 20 teams and brings a wealth of health and fitness experience to class. In PE at All Nations Community School, students do not merely play games; they learn how to make fitness a regular lifestyle habit, as well as other life lessons, such as how to make choices to work together as a team, care for one another, and build community.

*See the summary background in neuroscience at "Why Study Music?" 

and check out "7 science-backed reasons you should make art, even if you're bad at it"

For further reading on predictors of academic success and current hiring practices:

"Predictors of Post-Secondary Success"

"8 Characteristics Great Managers Look for in College Grads

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